Rodna Mountains

Having one of the best preserved glacial landscapes in the country, the Rodna Mountains National Park is the second largest in Romania. Located in the north of the Eastern Carpathians, it combines both peaks [...]


Călimani Mountains

The largest volcanic crater in Romania and one of the largest in Europe is located in the Călimani Mountains. A volcanic drop measuring approx. 10 km in diameter. If you want a adventure into [...]


Mount Rarău-Giumalău

Pietrele Domnei, Piatra Soimului, Popii Rarăului, Cheile Moara Dracului, Codri seculari de la Slătioara are just a few attractions of Mount Rarau. His older brother, Mount Giumalău, offers you views of the Rodna, Calimani [...]


Hasmas Mountains

The name of the Hasmas Mountains is especially related to the Lonely Stone. Its lesser-known areas such as the Devil's Mill, the Blessed Forest, the Black Hasmas, the Great Hasmas, the Sharp Peak or [...]


Harghita Mountains

With its gentle peaks, the Harghita Mountains are as easy to explore as they are beautiful. From its peaks you can admire the Persian mountains, the Hasmas mountains, Mount Ceahlau and Calimani. Its tracks [...]


Vrancea Mountains

Located between the Brașov depression and the Vrancea depression, these lesser-known mountains offers a great hiking experience. Legends envelop the lakes, forests and peaks of the Vrancea mountains in mystery. It is the place [...]


Bucegi Mountains

The Bucegi Mountains are the most famous tourist area in Romania. Due to the ease of reaching the plateau, the central area attracts a large influx of tourists. The Bucegi Mountains do not only [...]


Piatra Craiului Mountains

Spectacular in any season, the rock fortress of Pietra Craiului is unique in Romania. A lonely ridge with a length of 25 km forms one of the most beloved mountain landscapes both by hikers [...]


Făgăraș Mountains

The "Alps of Transylvania" as they were called in 1907 by Emannuel de Mrtonne, are "the proudest, the tallest, the most icy and the most alpine" as the geologist Marcian Bleahu said. The alpine [...]


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